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  • Premium Level 3 Masks

  • Level up your masks for better protection
  • Premium Level 3 Masks

  • Made with a metal nose clip for better seal
  • Premium Filter Material

Premium Level 3 Masks

Level up your masks for better protection

Premium Level 3 Masks

Made with a metal nose clip for better seal

Premium Filter Material

About us

We sell mainly premium level 3 masks to healthcare professionals. Because we work directly with the manufacturers, we are able to offer these premium level 3 masks at a reasonable price- No price gouging.

In addition, as the demand for masks goes up we promise to keep our price low. That way you can purchase enough masks for you and your team to wear to take care of your patients.

"Your health is your wealth."

  Dr. Nathan Ho- Founder & CEO

Premium 4-ply ASTM Level 3 Masks


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Our Customers love our ASTM Level 3 masks

I ordered the masks from Dr. Nathan Ho a few weeks ago because it’s been nearly impossible to find Level 3 surgical masks. I just got my order and the masks have a nice tight fit and very comfortable. The quality is great and my team loves these level 3 masks.

Dr. Sunny Pahouja

The mask is a very comfortable fit and well secured. Impressive construction. Would definitely recommend.

Dr. Jeffrey Goodman

These masks are not good, or great, but they are awesome.

Dr. Robert Pick

Thank you so much for making these available. These are really high quality ASTM level 3 masks; better than the level 3 ones we've ordered from our dental suppliers. Each mask has 4 layers. Each box is sealed with an official sticker. And each 10 pack is divided into their own package. For a fantastic price!

Dr. Michael Hinh

I’m so thankful to be able to find these high quality masks at such a reasonable price. The quality is exceptional and I will definitely continue to use this as my go to for mask purchasing!

Dr. Richard Witty

Hey Nathan! I just wanted to send you a note of special thanks as I received my order of Level 3 masks this week!! I really appreciate you offering this to other dentists during this crazy time!! I only bought one case, as I honestly felt like I was stepping out on a limb, not knowing you or anything!! But you came through, like a champ!! I would be interested in maybe another case, if you happen to have anymore available! Thanks again!! You rock!!!

Dr. Lane Barker

It’s been a pleasure to do business with Dental Med PPE, I ordered the premium level 3 masks and they fit really well and my team loves them, they arrived on time and in excellent condition. Thank you Nathan Ho for putting this deal together.

Dr. Ivonne Castro

I ordered level 3 masks from DentalMedPPE.com and it was definitely worth the wait. Soft on my face, good quality and hands down the best deal! Thanks Dr. Ho! 

Dr. Dalinda Canela-Pichardo

The masks came on schedule and I very much like the product. Will order again. 

Dr. Mark Dankowski

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Manufacturer's FDA registration #: 10173657

USA Distributor's FDA registration #: 3019177888

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We accept orders online only. During this pandemic, we do not accept returns. 

If you have any questions, please text to 817-677-9155 or email us at DentalMedPPE@DentalWinWin.com